Tampons Shouldn't Be Taxing

A Luxury Industry Worth A Hole Lotta Moula

From 2016 Tampon Tax campaigners have been fighting the 5% luxury tax that is imposed upon all sanitary products. Since then the government has earned £30million from the taxation of sanitary products and approximately 275,400 girls have missed school because they can’t afford them. You can imagine the knock on effect of these girls missing a quarter of their schooling for their futures, their self esteem and our country. The #FreeThePeriod movement is campaigning to automatically give girls on free school meals free sanitary products too, but it has not yet been put into practice. In 2022 it’s expected that the luxury tax will be ended legally by either the European Parliament which has passed the legislation already, or by our own parliament, depending on their priorities after Brexit…one is not hopeful of being top of the list. Please support amazing young period poverty campaigner Amika George who started the Free The Period movement here.

Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere

Through tireless campaigning, our voices are being heard and our needs will be met! It’s awesome that the men in suits are starting to take notice of what’s important to women. But there’s lots more to be done. Fight period poverty through amazing campaigns like #FreeThePeriod #TamponTax and supporting the sister petitions across the world. Also follow the women’s charities who are benefiting from the incredible £15m Tampon Tax Fund. It is part of the money the government has earned from us buying tampons and they are reinvesting it to protect and empower vulnerable women.

Source of info Huffington Post and Gov.

Shhhhhhhhh! I’ve often thought that it’s odd that periods are a secret. A very badly kept secret but something that is never talked about and always shameful. Awkward women walk down ‘that aisle’ of Boots quickly making decisions about which luxury product they need to stop free bleeding for a week this month. Severely embarrassed men on a covert mission for the women in their lives, usually buying the wrong kind occasionally visit the aisle too.

But periods aren’t going anywhere….so shall we stop being ashamed and come out of the ‘being an adult female’ closet? #LetsTalkAboutPeriods

This week my blog post is sponsored by a service that really wants to end the ridiculous period shame that causes us to sneak around with hidden pockets in our handbags for tampons and normalise the taboo that effects 51% of the population. #PeriodPositivity

Pink Parcel deliver on your chosen day every month a selection of tampons, sanitary towels or both along with a specially curated range of premium beauty, skincare and lifestyle products, aka #PeriodEssentials designed to actually make you look forward to your time of the month! It also means you’re never caught by surprise without what you need. The theme this month’s Pink Parcel is The Glow Edition which means all the premium products alongside the selection of tampons and pads are designed to give you luminous skin. I was thrilled to be sent this set as I suffer more acutely now with spotty skin than I ever did as a teenager, which I put down to two factors. Firstly the highly polluted air in London clogging my pores and secondly the hormonal imbalance around the time of my period which has worsened as I’ve got older. It’s just typical that when I’m already feeling moody and experiencing painful cramping that I also have to contend with unsightly breakouts :(

A Little Something To Cheer You Up

Unboxing each element of the Pink Parcel gives you a little kick of excitement to see what has been included. I immediately tried some of the products out. I’ve got to say the Balance Me Fresh Cleanse Micellar Water gave my skin a fresh feeling tingle and the Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask felt like a much needed moment away from the stresses of life. After using both these products my skin was soft and the redness of two existing blemishes had reduced considerably. I also tried We are Tea’s Super Berry Infusion Tea right away and although I don’t usually go for fruity teas, I’ve got to say it was delish! Jelly Pong Pong’s Stardrops are not only formulated with starfruit and golden organ oil but they’re also vegan, hypoallergenic and contain no parabens. The little drops of star elixir can be added to foundation or moisturiser to give skin a golden glow or for ultimate sheen and highlight you can use the Stardrops directly on your cheekbones and brow bones. This 6ml bottle is worth £34!

If you decide to sign up for Pink Parcel's premium period subscription use my code ROXY20 to get 20% off!

A monthly plan is £12.99,

A 3 month plan is £35.97 (save £1 a month)

A 6 month plan is £64.95 (1 month free + VIP extras)

A 12 month plan is £129.90 (2 months free + VIP extras + a birthday treat)

If you want to sign up to PINK PARCEL click!

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Don't forget to help end period poverty and shame by

supporting your local women's charities.

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Love Roxy xXx

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