The Best Liquid Lipstick on the Market Right Now

With the make up industry booming right now and cool new brands revolutionising how we paint our faces, we have more choice than ever before. Fierce competition for our hard earned cash means products have to be Ah-mazing if we're going on get on board.


Rihanna's Fenty Beauty made massive steps for women of colour last year. Awakening representation in beauty which has always been super white washed, with the occasional token women of colour. Writer and Humanist Bianca Lambert put it perfectly in her Popsugar article;

"If you're someone like me who has always struggled to find the right foundation colour, Fenty Beauty is everything."

Bianca Lambert testing out the Fenty Beauty Galaxy line

Fenty helped other brands such as NYX, Nars, Estee Lauder (who have a sale on right now BTW) and Mac, find their inclusive advertising skills too. Hazah.

The Conscious Shopper

Lots of brands nowadays are anti-animal testing and many have vegan products or a fully vegan offering! Hourglass Cosmetics takes it one step further, refusing even to sell to countries known for their animal testing... No picture-perfect Ambient Lighting Blush for them!

New Technologies

Unexpected humour is provided by cruelty-free Too Faced cosmetics. Bringing the sense of smell into your make up like I've never seen before, the Peach Perfect foundation smells like peaches, the Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palette is infused with sweet coca powder and the Sweetie Pie Bronzer has a peaches and cream scent!

Too Faced recently gave me a super cute makeup case with some new products to try and I have to say the Melted Matte liquid lipstick in shade 'Sell Out' is THE BEST liquid lipstick I have ever tried!!!

The texture is light although the pigment is strong - so the application is easy. But the very best thing about it is its super long wear formula. Once it is ain't budging! Eat, drink and snog before asking your friend

"Is my lipstick ok?"

And their answer will always be

"It's perfect!"

As someone who regularly likes to push the boundaries of lipstick colour choice (see my instagram for examples!) I am one happy customer and this pretty pink, far from basic lipstick. Sometimes you need a non-threatening 'everyday' shade and this one is living in my handbag from now on.

Earrings by Pretty Little Thing

Please share this blog post with all the fierce women (and make-up rocking men) you know to let them in on this fabbbbbulous lipstick discovery!

Love Roxy xXx

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