The Feminist Cleavage

Fashion and Feminism are two really important parts of my life, and they go together terribly. Can I believe in the power of looking great and also expect to be treated with decency and respect from those around me. Of course I should be able to.. but being a fashion stylist, I know the capacity that clothing has on perception, and I also know how unbelievably common sexist behaviour is, even from everyday, pleasant, well meaning people. Welcome to my blog; fashion, opinions, everyday sexism and awkward feelings towards my own boobs.

Top by House of Bry, pleated jumpsuit by Becki Brennan, lipstick by Kat Von D in colour 'Roxy' (how could I resist!)

Breast Foot Forward!

I can't pin point when I stopped enjoying having generous tits. I HATE men staring, or worse, freely making 'rack' comments. Who made my body open to the public? The scoop neck top from H&M?! Nah. Screw their 'animal instincts' I deserve respect... and eye contact. Even if my nip is dangerously close to having a slip.

Feeling massively uncomfortable when random blokes take pictures of me on the train, I make much more of an effort to dress 'around' my breasts nowadays, specifically minimising and/or hiding them. I'd say I'm doing a fairly solid job of it as a close friend recently exclaimed "Oh my god look at your boobs!" and grabbed them in the street after spotting them for the first time recently.

High neck Vs Scoop neck

The Trouble Is...

People I don't know make me feel shitty about the body I grew. I am letting other people dictate how I dress yet I BELIEVE IN FREE CHOICE. Urghhhhh. Maybe writing this blog will lead my down the road to big bosom respect and recovery. I'll also let you into my world of style, the clothes, the collaborators the clients and the creativity!

The Fashion

While fashionistas (myself included) would say that fashion and style are forms of self-expression, it is undeniable that glossy magazines routinely preach to us the rules of this season’s dos and donts. Although they can inspire, inform and motivate they can also condition us to be overly body conscious, have historically white washed pages and made a decree of what is cool and what most definitely is not! At least fashion is one of the few industries in which women are in the top (fashion editor) jobs so we’re telling each other what to do!

Eyes read, brain responds; "Must buy more slip dresses!"

The Conflict

How can a woman such as myself want to look great (and encourage others to do the same) whilst also wishing to be judged on things other than my appearance alone? To me this isn’t a legitimate question because while snap judgments are made by first impressions, OF COURSE I am more than my outfit and lipstick choice. I want to talk about politics and mental health whilst wearing this season's Prada slingbacks and the hottest new sunglass brand.

Coat by Krasimira Stroyneva, T-shirt by Maison De Choup, jeans by Topshop, shoes by Hobbs, photo by Jim Nemer

Coat by Krasimira Stroyneva, T-shirt by Maison De Choup, jeans by Topshop, shoes by Hobbs, photo by Jim Nemer

Fashion Vs Feminism

Both Fs are concerned with social regulation and the control of (predominantly) women. Fashion and fashion media has played a huge part in significantly dominating women’s self-esteem, political opportunities, social values and keeping them tethered to their appearance. The second 'F' Feminism has had many reputations, including that feminists hate men, hate bras, are unhappy, are playing the victim, are aggressive women with vast amounts of anger and no space to worry about the trivial occupation of fashion trends. I am living proof that people are 3 dimensional, with worries and cares and loves beyond the stereotypical. Perhaps I'm a hypocrite to buy the magazine or to watch the Oscars mainly for the dresses. Or perhaps it's fine to do both!

The Feminist Cleavage

Everyone I speak to has their own opinion on feminism, and largely agree that equality is good for everyone. However, heated discussions and emotionally charged conversations usually begin with a simple question...

Are you a feminist?

Please do me a huge favour and share my new blog with your friends so that I can share my journey as a feminist fashion stylist with more people.

Love, Roxy xXx

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